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Broken Time

Multiplayer Dinosaur Simulator with pixel graphics · By Tesseract Studio


Recent updates

Small patch (v4.0.5)
Small update for Broken Time has been released. +Menu is now black +Experimental running...
Patch v4.0.4 Menu Redesign
Long time no see. I decided to start reworking Broken Time after a few months without updating it. Newest Patch comes with new Menu! Full Changelog: + Menu Rewo...
1 file
Lost patch v4.0 found!
Hi, Neon here with lost patch! This is last patch for Broken Time...
1 file
Broken Time 1st Anniversary & info about patch v4.0
Broken time it's 1 year old, and it's getting cancelled. There was to going to be a patch v4.0 but I lost the file. I'm also giving away BT's .mfa file ( it co...
Patch 3.1.1
Hi, Neon here with new BT patch. Changelog: +Hatchling & Juvenille Austroraptors reskin, +Console Command, +Bug Fixes...
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Patch 3.1
Neon here with new patch 3.1 for Broken Time. Changelog: +Lesothosaurus diagnosticus, +Coniferous forest biome, +Sri lankan jungleflowl mob, +Sandgrouse bird, +...
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Small Changes
Broken Time just moved to One step into the future...
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